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Welcome to Butterfly Lake, a tranquil lake just minutes from Port Carling. The lake is easy to find, located at the intersection of Highway 118 West and Muskoka District Road 169.

Summer may be over, but Butterfly Lake is still the ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Muskoka. While you may not lay back on your private dock, soaking up the sun’s rays during the day, you can still put on a light sweater and hang out on the dock admiring the scenery. And the nights aren’t yet cold enough to stop you from gathering around the fit pit in the evening with your friends and family to enjoy a nice cold beverage. You will appreciate the peace and quiet that Butterfly Lake offers its visitors. The area is full of wildlife and natural breathtaking…

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Welcome to Bernard Lake. You may have heard of it referred to as Lake Bernard as well. Regardless of what you call it, Bernard Lake is an oddity among Muskoka lakes. Located near Burk’s Falls and on the shores of Sundridge. it is one of the larger freshwater lakes without an island. Large in comparison to the majority of Ontario’s thousands of lakes, it is also surprising that Bernard Lake is not connected to any other lake. 

A large portion of this lake features sandy shores and shallow waters; and the beautifully clear water makes this lake a pleasure to swim in. So grab your swimsuit and jump into the waters of Checkerboard Beach. For the more adventurous sort, grab your snorkel and discover what’s underneath the surface of the water. Or take a…

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Welcome to Three Mile Lake. If you are experiencing a sense of deja-vu, don’t worry. We have mentioned Three Mile Lake before. This time, we are talking about Three Mile Lake - Muskoka Lakes, not to be confused with the other two lakes (one in Armour and the other southeast of Gravenhurst). This Three Mile Lake is nestled between Rosseau, 24 kilometres to the north, and Port Carling, 20 kilometres to the south. It has a surface area of 8.7 square kilometres, and a shoreline perimeter of over 31 kilometres. The lake’s unique shape and its rugged beauty are what keep visitors coming back year after year.

Activities at Three Mile Lake are not hard to come by. For you boat lovers out there, the lake allows motorized vehicles and the public boat launch…

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Welcome to Sand Lake, located in the middle of the Almaguin Highlands, less than 10 kilometers from the town of Kearney and 30 kilometers from the larger Burk’s Falls. The lake is ironically named, as a large portion of the shore is rocky not sandy. The rocky nature of the shoreline can be attributed to runoff water erosion. There is good news though, a good portion of the shallow waters around the shore remain sandy, as the name of the lake suggests.

If you are lucky enough to find one of the naturally sandy bottom spots that make swimming a delight, stake your claim quickly. Kick back and spread out on the sand and soak up some rays. You might find these prime parts of the lake a little busier, especially for other swimmers. 

If fishing is…

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